About The Provider


As a French native from the Province of Nantes, and an MBA graduate from Kansas State University, I bring more than 15 years of experience running a French home childcare in Oakland, CA (1995-2000) and French For Kids childcare/Preschool in El-Sobrante, CA (2002-2007). I have cared for many American and French bilingual children from infancy to preschool/school age, exposing the youngsters to the French language before they could even speak. In addition, I have worked as a full-time substitute teacher at the French-American School in Berkeley, CA and in the Hayward Unified School District, in Hayward, CA for a year, adding invaluable classroom experience to my curriculum. 

After moving to the Miami area, I was a full-time second grade teacher at Oliver Hoover Elementary in West Kendall and later I was a full-time Pool substitute at Sunset Elementary School, working with children in the English, Spanish, and French programs in all grades.



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